Wel Come To International Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Science
Volume 7, Issue 3, October-December 2017
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IJRPS/7/3/3004 Enhancement of taste masking by a newly formulated effervescent ciprofloxacin tablets
Ahmed M. A. Masaad, Ibrahim A. Maghrabi, Majed M. Al Robaian1, Badaraddin M. Al Hadiyah,Mohammed E. A. Shayoub
Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical technology, College of Pharmacy, Taif University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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IJRPS/7/3/3007 Patient satisfaction with health services in public and private Hospitals in South-South Nigeria
Idongesit L. Jackson*, Silas M. Lawrence, Edidiong E. Abraham
1Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Biopharmacy, University of Uyo,Akwa Ibom, State Nigeria

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IJRPS/7/3/4002 UV-visible derivative spectroscopic method for simultaneous estimation of cefoperazone and tazobactam in injection dosage form
Ekta Patel* , Dhwani Shah, Kunjal Vegad, Tejendra Patel, Kaushik Patel, Yogesh Patel
Sharda school of pharmacy, Gandhinagar, Pethapur, District: Gandhinagar, State: Gujarat, India

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IJRPS/7/3/04003 Comparitive Analysis of Total Flavonoid Content in Various Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Landraces in Rainfed Conditions of Rawalakot
Huma Tariq*, Shahid Iqbal Awan, Tahsin Razzaq, Rizwan Azim, Shazia Arif , Sumaira Habib ,Muhammad Fareed Khan
Department of Plant Breeding and Molecular Genetics Faculty of Agriculture, University of the Poonch Rawalakot Azad Kashmir, Pakistan

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IJRPS/7/3/4014 Aspergillus terreus taxol influence on solid ehrlich tumor model
Nabila Zein*, Ashraf Sabry
Biochemistry Division, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Zagazig University, 44519, Egypt

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