Wel Come To International Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Science
Volume 6, Issue 1, January-March 2016
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IJRPS/6/1/RP/5006 Correlation of biochemical constituents present in kidney stones and diet from an Indian population
Shirsat PL, Patil SS, Parkar SN, Rajopadhye SH, Bagal SB, Ansulkar PV, Naik A, Marita R, Chowdhary AS, Padmanabhan U
Department of Biochemistry, Haffkine Institute for Training, Research & Testing, Acharya Dhonde Marg, Parel, Mumbai, India 400 012.

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IJRPS/6/1/RP/5007 Simple method and strategy for biologically active biosynthetic recombinant human insulin protein production in Escherichia coli
Aziz GA, Redwan EM, Farouk N, Abdel Ghany IA, Amer MM, Abdel-Aziz SH
1Radiolabeled Compounds Department, Hot laboratories center, Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority (EAEA), 2Botany Department, Faculty of Science, Benha University,Egypt

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IJRPS/6/1/RP/6003 Formulation and evaluation of Deflazacort liquisolid tablets
Prajila A, Vipin KV, Chandran SC, Premaletha K, Augusthy AR
Department of Pharmaceutics, Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pariyaram, Kerala, India

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IJRPS/6/1/RP/06005 Antioxidant activity and lipid peroxidation of three populations of ber (Ziziphus spinosa) from Rawlakot, Trarkhel and Balooch linn.
Razzaq T, Khan FM, Tariq H, Khan B
Department of Plant Breeding and Molecular Genetics, Faculty of Agriculture, University of the Poonch, Rawalakot, Pakistan.

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IJRPS/6/1/RP/6005 The important biological activities and phytochemistry of Acalypha indica
Teklani PWNN, Perera BGK
Department of Chemistry, University of Colombo, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka

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IJRPS/6/1/RP/6008 Prospective study on identification and assessment of potential drug-drug interactions in emergency medicine department at KIMS hospital and research centre
Dopour A, Hosseini FG, Kanki KK, Davoodpour SF, Srinivas C, Shekar HS
Department of Pharmacy Practice, Kempedowda Institute of Medical Science Hospital and Research Centre, V.V Puram, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

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